Bethany A. Reid

Poet, Writer, Writing Coach & Editor

PhD in American Literature, December 1995; MFA in Poetry, June, 1991. University of Washington.


The Sally Albiso Poetry Book Award, 2023, MoonPath Press, for The Pear Tree.

City of Edmonds Arts Commission, Poet’s Perspective, for “The Tree” (2022).

Poet Hunt Contest (The MacGuffin, 2017) for “The Last Time I Heard Her Play the Piano.”

Margarita Donnelly Prize (Calyx, 2017) runner-up, for “Corinne, in Floodtime” (short story).

PNWA Mainstream Novel, 2nd place, for Pearl’s Alchemy (2014).

PNWA Short Story, 2nd place, for “March” (2014).

Kenneth and Geraldine Gell Poetry Prize (2012) for Sparrow.

Lois Cranston Memorial Prize, Calyx: A Journal of Art and Literature by Women (2011) for “The Orchard.”

William Stafford Poetry Award, Second Place (2007) for “Semantics.”

Exceptional Faculty Award (Everett Community College, 2005).

Floating Bridge Press Poetry Chapbook Award, runner up (2005) for Body My House.

Jeanne Lohmann Prize (Olympia Poetry Network, 2001) co-winner for “Such Good Work.”

The Written Arts (1987) for “Antigone Speaks.”



The Pear Tree: Elegy for a Farm (Newport, OR: MoonPath Press, 2024).

“The Thing with Feathers,” poetry chapbook, in Triple No. 10 (Edmonds, WA: Ravenna Press, 2020), pp. 25-48.

You Are Very Upset: Lessons Learned about Parenting, Teaching, Writing, Laundry, and Life, creative nonfiction (DLG Publishing Partners, 2020).

Body My House, poems (Seattle: Goldfish Press, 2018).

Sparrow, poems (Rochester, NY: Big Pencil Press, 2012).

Everett and Snohomish County: A Community of New Ideas, co-written with Thomas M. Gaskin, (Kirkland, Washington: Wyndham Publications, 2005).

Be Careful, poetry chapbook (Bellingham: Chuckanut Sandstone Press, 2005).

Choosing Illegitimacy: American Writers and the Trope of the Female Bastard, Doctoral Dissertation (University of Washington, December, 1995).

Calling a Daughter: Poems, Masters Thesis (University of Washington, 1990).

The Coyotes and My Mom, poems (Seattle: Bellowing Ark Press, 1990).

Book Reviews

Review of God in Her Ruffled Dress (poems), by Lisa B. (Bernstein), forthcoming from Calyx Journal.

Review of Review of Pink Moon (poems), by Tina Barr, Escape into Life, June 21, 2024,

Review of Good Morning, Unseen (poems), by Catherine Carter, Escape into Life, April 26, 2024,

Review of Pietá (poems), by Frank Paino, Escape into Life, March 3, 2024,

Review of The Familiar (poems), by Sarah Kain Gutowski, Escape into Life, February 1, 2024,

Review of What Water Holds, by Tele Aadsen, Raven Chronicles, November 9, 2023,

Review of Ways of Being (poems) by Sati Mookherjee, Escape into Life (EIL), April 2023,

Review of Sister Tongue (poems) by Farnaz Fatemi,  Escape into Life (EIL), August 2022,

Review of The Hurting Kind (poems) by Ada Limón, Escape into Life, Summer 2022,

Review of Hold Fast: Poems by Holly Hughes, Calyx: A Journal of Art and Literature for Women, Winter/Spring 2022, pp. 103-105.

“Two Offerings from Empty Bowl Press,” Review of The Blossoms Are Ghosts at the Wedding, by Tom Jay, and Hold Fast: Poems, by Holly J. Hughes, Escape into Life, Fall 2020,

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Introduction to Our Deepest Calling: A Decade of Writing in Community, 2010-2020 (2020), pp. iii-iv.

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Introduction to Peace Poems, Volume 2 (2017).

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Blogs, and Guest Blogposts

“A Few Words about Revising Poems.” The Poetry Department…AKA The Boynton Blog (May 13, 2017)

“Writing as a Small, Sturdy Boat.” Writer Unboxed (May 1, 2016)

“The Writing Assignment.” Superstition Review (June 8, 2013)

A Habit of Writing, (since 2012).

One Bad Poem, (since 2009).


The Writing Lab, originally a Teaching & Learning Cooperative seminar under the aegis of Everett Community College, Facilitator, 2010-2020.

Everett Community College, English Faculty, 1997-2018.

Edmonds Community College, Adjunct Instructor, 1996-1997.

University of Washington, Acting Instructor, 1996-1997.

Seattle Pacific University, Adjunct Instructor, Summer 1996.

Seattle Pacific University, Pew Charitable Trusts Grant for Preparing Future Faculty, Fellow, Spring 1995.

University of Washington, Graduate Teaching Assistant, 1989-1995.

Edmonds Community College, Disabled Student Services, Academic Tutor, 1987-1988.

Language Center of the Pacific for International Studies, Student Advisor and Administrative Assistant, 1987.

Human Resources, Assistant to the Director, Newsletter Editor, VIP’s Restaurants, Salem, OR, 1979-1983.