A Dog’s Life


I know this should say “Happy New Year,” but it’s the picture I have on hand.

Having just finished reading Gail Caldwell’s Let’s Take the Long Way Home (see the Washington Post review here), which is all about friendship and death and dogs, I am in a doggy kind of mood. Additionally, last night I made a midnight run to Arlington to pick up daughter #3 and I took Pabu with me, so my Tibetan Terrier (that smart and sensitive lad) and I spent an hour and a half hanging out in close quarters together. Daughter #3 (who never seems especially glad to see me) was glad to see Pabu, and I was happy.

It takes so little to make me happy. And so much.

Then, this morning, I came across this blog, Musing: A Laid Back Lit Journalwhich originates from Parnassus, the indie-bookstore in Nashville, Tenn., owned by author Ann Patchett, et al. The dog-theme continues there (see their greeting card on Dec. 20), but also some political musings from my tribe members, and book recommendations. I thought I’d share it all with you.

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