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Reading Around

I read a number of book- or writing-related blogs, including CrimeReads and LitHub, not in any orderly way (you understand) but sort of when they hit my email at the right time and when I’m of the right mind. Just now I am between big deadlines. (What does that mean?) Last week I turned in my […]

In Your Previous Life

In a previous life, I was a waitress…before that, a farm girl. I spent a lot of my farm-girl childhood pretending to be a horse named Stormy. I think somewhere in time I was a tree. In my next life, I’d like to teach a class called “Writing YOUR Memorable Poem,” and this is one […]

Rejection City

So this is a blogpost about rejection. I was talking to a friend — a brilliant poet — and she told me that she had a big set-back earlier in the year. She had submitted several poems to a magazine she felt she had a personal relationship with, and the editor wrote back and said, […]