Carey Taylor

THE LURE OF IMPERMANENCE, Carey Taylor, Cirque Press, 3978 Defiance Street, Anchorage, AK 99504, 2018, 73 pages, $15 paper,

This morning I reread Carey Taylor’s debut collection, The Lure of Impermanence. Taylor covers a whole lifetime in this book, winding through childhood and adolescence, then marriage and children (with all those attendant fears), then the task of re-inventing a marriage after the children have grown up and left home.

I heard Taylor read this poem, “Post-Election,” at a Cirque celebration at Tsuga Art Gallery in Bothell in 2018. I love how it takes a political topic, marking it with the title, but then embodies a woman’s anguish in a very different image, something I’ll try my hand at later today.


At first they fed in multitudes, from
the high energy suet cube, hung
in the contorted filbert.

Then came week
upon week
of 20-degree weather.

At the icy shoulder of road,
a chickadee in daytime

By the third week,
five feathered corpses
on frosted asphalt.

Who knew so many would not survive
that winter, next to the bay with its
foraging wetlands

or now, how much we need them,
to rise like Lazarus and sing
their sapphire songs.

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