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I’m buried in other projects (good ones!) and am woefully behind on all-things-bloggery, but wanted to share this beautiful cover from the newest edition of Hole in the Head Review. It knocks my socks off. You can click on the table of contents of any issue and take a peek at the contents. To see my poems in volume 4, no. 2 (5.01.23), follow this link: https://www.holeintheheadreview.com/post/bethany-reid

To see the story behind the cover image, visit the editor’s notes page: https://www.holeintheheadreview.com/post/editor-s-notes-6

And take a look through their archives for more poetry and reviews. They have a tip jar if you feel like supporting this wonderful on-line venture.

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  1. Colleen Hull Gray
    Colleen Hull Gray says:

    Loved your poems, Bethany. “Liars” seemed so effortlessly, so casual, I had to remind myself that I know how hard you work on each line!
    Thanks for the link to the story behind the cover. I also liked the quote by Paul Klee (one of my favorite artists) but I think it will take me awhile to understand it!
    “I was led astray, because of unconsciously successful work, into conceiving similar ones consciously and deliberately: this was a mistake that I was to make again and again, until I understood it and was able to avoid it.” — Paul Klee (Journals)


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