My New Book

It’s here!

Yesterday was daughter #3’s 19th birthday, and somewhere in there amidst the chaos, a big box arrived for me: BODY MY HOUSE is officially here.


You can get a copy from me, or zip over to Amazon. (Just click on the link above — and when you’ve read the book, I’d love to see your review on Amazon!)

I’ll have copies in local bookstores, too, but as I don’t have a distributor, gotta walk ’em over.

Oh, and a book launch. Stay tuned for more information!


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  1. Sandra Noel
    Sandra Noel says:

    Congratulations Bethany!!!! I remember hearing you read one night a while back on the east side, we exchanged poetry books, I loved that book and still read the poems and look forward to this one! I’ll order it on Amazon and leave a review too! Hope to see you out in the poetry reading world sometime soon. My info is below if you ever have time and are in the Seattle area to meet up, talk poetry or horse? Sandra Noel Noel Design, LLC


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