NaPoWriMo — silly name for a serious undertaking

National Poetry Writing Month is of course not silly at all. From some of what I’ve been reading lately — advice to “Shelter in Poems,” “Take Refuge in Poetry,” and so forth — poetry will save us.

Imagine the old bards, reciting poetry around a campfire.  Then go read the poems at Unbound: Poems of the Pandemic and tell me you don’t agree.

photograph by Loren Webster

As in Aprils past, I visited the blog of local poet and bookstore owner Chris Jarmick, to find out where NaPoWriMo might take me this year. And skipping from link to link, I found Maureen Thorson’s, and an invitation to write a bird poem (plus a link to this wonderful little riff on bird poems at

For further inspiration (re: birds, especially), visit

So, the challenge is on. Day One: tomorrow!

What will you write?

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