10 Possibilities

A pleasant trip this week to Chehalis to see my mom, no student papers to grade (yet), my corrected manuscript of SPARROW to return to Writers & Books (in the mail as of 3:30), a productive morning in the potting shed, and sunshine conspired to make me feel buoyant by this afternoon. Friday, sitting in my EvCC office and almost caught up with my on-line classes, I decided to list 10 things I can do to make that space work better for me and my increasingly twitchy eyes.

  1. move the computer monitor so it isn’t against the bright window
  2. move my desk so when students come to visit we have a writing surface between us
  3. set up a designated “empty” space where I don’t stack papers and books
  4. give away one box of books (now half full)
  5. get a second monitor so I can switch between on-line course windows more easily (I have a colleague who keeps telling me I should do this)
  6. ask for a consultation about posture and chairs (these are available, I understand)
  7. organize my on-line print outs into clearly labeled notebooks
  8. make an appointment with my eye clinic to get a prescription for computer-only glasses (I’m told these really help…I have variegated lenses)
  9. download that freedom app. that locks one out of the internet for a designated time (I’ve read about this…a little afraid to try it)
  10. choose one thing on this list and actually carry through on it

It felt good.

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