What do you imagine?

What do you imagine?

I have been thinking of something my friend Madelon Bolling once shared with me, I think way back in my dissertation days at the UW:

“Try to spend a little time every day imagining the unimaginable.”

I want to imagine taking a trip to the British Isles (including Ireland, where my friend Cherie Langlois snapped this photo)…I want to imagine going there with my husband and having a lovely time.

I want to imagine being fully mobile again! (Stupid ankle!)

I want to imagine finishing this damned novel and starting on the next big thing.

I want to imagine being the full-time writer I’ve dreamed of being almost my entire life.

I want to imagine owning a horse.

I want to stop wanting to imagine and actually imagine. This, in itself, will be a leap. (I’m so glad I noticed it.) 

What do you imagine?