The Heartbeat

My friend Carolynne, feeling certain that my pileated woodpecker was a messenger, went on-line and found this source for me: Conscious Art Studios. I think she’s right. Here’s part of what she found:

“Woodpeckers are known for and symbolic of the drumming, and of course within that the heartbeat. They are immediately distinctive when one hears them, and while many may not realize on a conscious level, they can soon help you reconnect with the heartbeat of the Earth…a primal knowing of balance. ”

Furthermore, they call him a “meaningful totem when one is being overwhelmed by drama and not able to see clearly the basis of what is truly happening.”

If you go to the Conscious Art Studios blog, be sure to look at Jeanne Fry’s many images of the Tree of Life. I think I need one of those prints for my writing cabin.

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