The Unresolution


What if you didn’t make those huge resolutions this year? “Lose 20 pounds.” “Run a marathon.” “Write a novel.” What if instead, right now, you spent 15 minutes doing something small and…doable…like eating a piece of fruit, taking a walk around the block, or writing a single character sketch on the back of an envelope. What if your entire year was made up of 15 minute segments–small, good choices–and if you did blow 15 minutes on a not-so-good choice, you could still be totally, fully aware that the next 15 minutes is waiting?

You don’t need to buy a cool quarter-hourglass. You have a timer on your phone. Try it!

Someone has said, “Consciousness is commitment.” Well, probably more than one person has said it. And now I’ve said it, too.


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