Yes, It Is National Poetry Month

I’ve been feeling a tad bit overwhelmed, so I won’t attempt my post-a-day (let alone the poem-a-day) this month, as I have in previous years. But I do want to make some recommendations. The first is to visit Joannie Stangeland’s blog where she is posting a poetry prompt per day. Here is the first:

April 1st, and we’re off: Poetry prompt 1

No time for fool jokes–but let’s start gently by making a list.

This prompt is based on Rita Dove’s Ten Minute Spill prompt in The Practice of Poetry.

Turn to a blank page and start listing words and phrases–whatever comes to mind. Write as fast as you can for about three minutes.

Now, look at your list and circle any repeats.

Choose five words from your list that are not circled (yes, gently out of your comfort zone).

Now, write a poem that uses those five words plus five words from Ms. Dove’s list:
Ready, set, go!

(And have fun!)

Thanks, Joannie!

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