Cancellation, but…

76dc6-1407553467404We have had to cancel our class in Olympia, but are regrouping and hope to offer it closer to home. Let us know if you have any ideas about location or timing.

Bethany & Margaret

P.S.: Margaret–who spends lots of time in Olympia–will be at Fusion to meet with anyone who shows up for the class (just in case). And she’ll offer some chakra work, for free!

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  1. Donata
    Donata says:

    Well, you know I would love to host this. Not sure if my space is exactly what you’re looking for, but i do intend to host women’s circles here of this manner. And of course you know I am a fan of yours.

    I also wouldn’t mind having Margaret over to bless the house and help me cleanse whatever negative energy is going on here. The previous owner was bipolar and went a bit mad here. Margaret is in a Facebook group I’m in right now so I will attempt to message her about that.

    We shall see where it all takes us!


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