Calling Up the Writer Within — Jill Jepson

writing as a sacred pathI recently recommended this “Short Guide to Writing at 50 and Beyond” to the members of The Writing Lab, but having now read it, I want to recommend it to all of you, even if you are not yet 50. “Writing isn’t a breeze,” Jepson explains, “it’s a challenge.” The rewards go not to the one with oodles of talent, but the one who persists on the path.

“As I look back over the many writers I’ve mentored, coached, and taught, it becomes very clear that the ones who eventually made it weren’t necessarily the most brilliant or promising. It was the ones who persisted. The writers who found success were the ones who failed, then tried, then failed, then tried again, and kept at it even when it looked like they weren’t getting anywhere.”

Jepson’s guide includes a list of “old” writers (Laura Ingalls Wilder, for one), and strategies for how to get started.

I also highly recommend her book, but to receive the short guide, all you have to do is travel to her website (see the link above) and sign up.

And then, of course, you have to write.



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    • Carolynne Harris
      Carolynne Harris says:

      I loved hearing Billy Collins reading MY FAVORITE 17 YEAR OLD – I needed a good laugh. Thank u Trillium 24 and thank u Bethany for all ur wise & wonderful blogs.


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