pen“Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach.” – Tom Robbins

Have you ever noticed that whenever you commit to a change, the universe rushes in –no, not the universe, your kids, all the significant others in your life — as if to test your resolve? Are you sure, they seem to ask. Do you really, really mean it?

That’s what a number of my students experienced on the first day of our experiment to change one thing. And, I have to admit, I got pretty busy, too. Crazy busy. It would have been easy to put it off for one more day.

My goal is to add fifteen minutes of writing to my afternoons or evenings. At my desk or at home. Fifteen minutes. That’s all (though it’s okay if it turns into more).

The excuses began immediately.

Fifteen minutes isn’t enough–what I really need to do is retire from teaching and write full-time.

My desk is too messy.

I already write in the morning.

I need to grade student papers.

I should go for a walk instead. I’ll set a new goal.

You get the idea. But what can it hurt? It’s only fifteen minutes. What if I developed a habit of dropping into my work in the afternoons, the way I do in the mornings? Wouldn’t that be a good habit? Why don’t I give it a try?

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