Poets and Writers for Peace

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If you happen to be in Bellingham today, don’t forget the Poets and Writers for Peace event at St. James Presbyterian Church. See my “Upcoming Events” page for more information.

Here’s a poem from my friend, Carla Shafer, who organized this event.


If Words Were Bones

If words were bones
we would be wisdom
walking through time
down plazas knowing
pathways up mountains.
In groups, we would be
cooperation–all bones
dancing the circle,
wisely. Insight and
understanding our meter
and rhythm. Knowing by being,
would lead to perfect action
in such quiet, that the twinkling
of the stars would rattle
in our ears. A handshake–
between these bones
would silence argument.

      -Carla Shafer

“If we all wanted peace as much as we want a new television, we would have peace.” -John Lennon

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