Okay, I’m thinking of what it is that my sister’s GPS says to her (in its sexy English accent) when we make a wrong turn (which we do fairly frequently as we when we are together as we are talking too much to pay attention to the GPS). Is it “repositioning”? Re…?

That’s what I’ve been trying to do over the last several days. Going to Boston and the Gell Center was such a gift of time, as well as energy–which seemed to simply flood into me and fueled a full eight days of invention. Then, the trip home, which given the timing of Hurricane Sandy had its own heady quality. Seeing my daughters and husband again–that was good, too. But getting back to the maelstrom of teaching (not my students’ fault, mine in fact for scheduling all of their midterm papers to be turned in the week I returned) and meetings and doctor appointments…that was…taxing. I could get a little time in each morning on the novel, but not very much. Then one day I overslept and missed my morning writing time altogether. Now I’m in Chehalis at Mom’s place.

I’m going to challenge myself to write a series of blogposts about finding time–and energy–for writing. The truth is, I’m not the only writer in the world who has a day job. Most writers have day jobs. Some of us get to teach writing, which can be a drain of creative energy, but any occupation can drain one’s energy . Isn’t being a carpenter creative work? Isn’t a realtor always trying to help imagine a new life for someone or other? A massage therapist? A 7-11 clerk? Is there a job that an imaginative, curious, thoughtful person cannot expend creative energy on?

Maybe one way to reclaim energy, if not time, is to reframe this equation. In what ways do my students nurture and encourage me? In what ways do they infuse me with creative energy?

Writers write because they are writers, not because they have scads of time waiting to be filled.

A wise friend once told me that God is always waiting to create a new path for us home. A little like my sister’s GPS.

(Recalculating! That’s what it says!)

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  1. Carolynne Harris
    Carolynne Harris says:

    Yes, that is what my GPS, Stella, who is Australian says a lot on trips with my husband as he always has a better way, he thinks. Stella never seems to weary of recalculating. To dear Stella WA is Western Australia which we enjoy.
    I’m still trying to write and it’s late because Gabrella’s ipod touch called my ipod touch and she wanted to see my house and Elly, who was scared of it all and I really look scary on that ipod, I mean Halloween witch scary. Okay that’s it I really am going to get in 15 minutes of Mountain Time writing. Wishing you at least 30 minutes of writing time tomorrow.

  2. Sharyl
    Sharyl says:

    Yes, recalculating. I knew you would get it. At least she isn’t yelling at us…yet! Enjoyed your post, your hopelessly lost sister!

    • awritersalchemy
      awritersalchemy says:

      I could have rewritten the post to put “recalculating” at the top, but I felt that my brain had kind of gone through its own version of the process. It was nice how the correct word — finally — popped out.


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