And the winner is…

Rita Ott Ramstead won the top prize (ahem) my two books of poetry: The Coyotes and My Mom, and Sparrow

BoneSpark Blog won the second prize, which includes SEVERAL books of poetry, and Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art

Thank you all for taking part. If you are in Writing Lab with me, or if you are one of my friends who meet regularly to write (or drink coffee, for that matter), I have a consolation prize for you.

Big Poetry Giveaway

I plan to do the drawing on Tuesday, May 5, at Writer’s Lab. I’ll let you know results then! (See my April 13 blogpost to learn more.) Thank you to everyone who commented and emailed me!

Big Poetry Giveaway

Even though I seriously intended, long before poetry month began, to participate in the Great Poetry Giveaway commemorating National Poetry Month, I put off the communication necessary, and it’s now too late to be “official,” on Kelli Russell Agodon’s blog, Book of Kells. Even so, I have two give-aways to share. If you leave your name in the comments section below this post, you’ll be eligible for the drawing to win one of them. Be sure to leave me contact information.

If you don’t want to leave contact information on a public forum, email me at You can still be in the drawing.

Here are the books:

1) Signed copies of my TWO books, Sparrow, published in 2012 by Big Pencil Press, and winner of the Gell Poetry Prize; AND The Coyotes and My Mom, published in 1989 by Bellowing Ark Press (and now out of print). If you already own my books, you’re still welcome to enter the drawing — you can give your new copies to a friend.

2) For my second giveaway, what if I gave away a WHOLE STACK of poetry books? I am, after all, buried in books, drowning in books. So (see the picture), that is what I will do. They begin with Jane Hirshfield’s Of Gravity and Angels (Wesleyan, 1988), a book I’ve read numerous times (it is a bit shopworn). The poem I used on the blog this month, “Woman in a Red Coat,” is included in this collection. THEN, should your name be drawn, you get these others, too, including Ted Kooser’s Splitting an Order, in hardback! 

And all you have to do in order to be included in the drawing, is comment on this post.