Why Pushing Ourselves Makes Us Less Productive

CAM00264Why Pushing Ourselves Makes Us Less Productive. I really love this post from  Lauren Sapala’s blog and wanted to share it with you. Timely for me.

“We can imagine the present moment as a seed, or the bud of a flower. Our creative force is contained in that seed and we are also present with it. As it unfolds into bright colors, strong roots, and fascinating twisty branches, we can stand calmly with it and observe. We can savor the unfolding…”

I took this picture for a post I imagined titling “Put Your Heart into It” — still makes sense.

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  1. Janet
    Janet says:

    sometimes just babying myself and letting myself be in a fugue state — without feeling guilty about it (well, I try) — is a great relief and a boon to the writing for me.


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