Poetry Month Announcements

I’m booked all day, Tuesday, 20 April, from early morning to evening, so I am taking a little break from reading a poetry book cover to cover and writing a “real” blog post, to share these reading announcements from both Anita K. Boyle and David D. Horowitz.

Anita’s first reading is Wednesday, April 21, 7pm on ZOOM, and is through West Seattle’s PoetryBridge Community. She will share featured poet position with Joannie Stangeland (whose book was included in last April’s blog round-up). There is an open mic right after the two features, and if you’re interested in reading &/or listening to more poetry, please email the event host Leopoldo Seguel at info@poetrybridge.net to get the link for this reading.
The second reading is Thursday, April 22, 6pm, courtesy of the superlative Edmonds Bookshop. Six poets will be reading from the Rose Alley anthology, Footbridge Above the Falls: Carolyne Wright, James Bertolino, David D. Horowitz, Randolph Douglas Schuder, and Anita K. Boyle. The reading will be live-streamed through Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/EdmondsBookshop/.  More information can be found at https://edmondsbookshop.indielite.org/event/our-annual-poetry-reading.

The third reading is extra special. Bellingham’s SpeakEasy is featuring our new Washington State Poet Laureate Rena Priest, Saturday, April 24 at 7pm. A few of Rena’s Bellingham mentors and friends will be reading with her: James Bertolino,  Nancy Pagh, Jeanne Yeasting, and Anita K. Boyle. More information and the link to this event can be found at  Other Mind Press’s website, and at https://www.facebook.com/events/470241207425214.

Finally, I want to point people toward The Seattle Times story about Rena that appeared in Sunday’s paper: “New Washington State Poet Laureate Aims to Celebrate Poetry in Indigenous Communities.” The featured photo above (isn’t it lovely?) accompanied the article.

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