Writing Groups, revisited

http://nataliegoldberg.com/My post yesterday sounded a little…judgmental. I love our small group at Writing Lab, and though I can imagine a few people more in it, for the most part, I like that we’ve stayed small. There’s time to write, and to share work at the end, because of our size.

I love groups that write from prompts, and I’ve done this in the past. Prompts can get you out of your linear, logical brain and into your creative, wild mind (Wild Mind is another Goldberg title).

Critique groups are great and I belong to one that meets sporadically. When I’m procrastinating on finishing a story or an essay, the critique group date gives me a deadline.

For the record: I think ALL writing groups are fabulous. You get to decide what works for you.

Writing Is Like Going On A Very Long Walk

Posted: 03 Aug 2015 09:04 PM PDT [on ADVICE TO WRITERS]

“When you’re writing, it’s rather like going on a very long walk, across valleys and mountains and things, and you get the first view of what you see and you write it down. Then you walk a bit further, maybe you up onto the top of a hill, and you see something else. Then you write that and you go on like that, day after day, getting different views of the same landscape really. The highest mountain on the walk is obviously the end of the book, because it’s got to be the best view of all, when everything comes together and you can look back and see that everything you’ve done all ties up. But it’s a very, very long, slow process.” -ROALD DAHL

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