day 27: writing on my phone–a first!


I am writing this post on my iPhone, an experiment. To explain, we spent the WHOLE day getting a DOG!!! A big deal for our family (the hold-out-Dad who has said no for 20 years, suddenly said fine). Our new dog, sort of a rescue, is a Tibetan Terrier named Pabu (Tibetan for Puffball, which I understand he was as a puppy; he’s bigger now), completely adorable (and really smart). I’m writing now as we cross home on the ferry. I’ll have more, no doubt, to tell you as this adventure unfolds.

The assignment for Day 27 was to choose a state, write down some names of towns, and then write a poem using the towns as adjectives, or in other unusual ways.




Set in Massachusetts

It was the Boston of possibilities, the perfect center
Like a pearl set in a necklace
Strung Ipswich to Andover, across
The throbbing pulse point
Of a throat. Warbling Cambridge for culture.
Salem searched for Lenox folds,
A Suffolk lamplight, Bristol
Cheeks stumbling like Chatham.
Taunton’s tightest embrace. East Bedford
Of hearts, Wesford for bedding.
Fall River dropping out of a Harwich sky.

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